Magic Lessons With Magic Circle Magician Colin Dymond

You could be the next Dynamo or Troy

Magic Workshop

From 45 minutes to a full day, magic workshops are a fun way to learn a few tricks to amuse your friends.

Magic School

Enrole in the Magic School for a course of Magic lessons. The best way to learn.

One To One

Magic, Ventriloquism and Puppetry. The fastest way to improve.

Why Take Magic lessons With Colin?

Colin Dymond is an award winning magician with 20 years experience.

He is an associate of the Inner Magic Circle with Silver star. This is the highest award given by the Magic Circle that you can achieve by examination.

Magicians are all over the TV. Magic has never been so popular but there is more to Magic than learning a few tricks! Magic lessons with Colin Dymond are fun and get kids learning fast!

Colin with the president of The Magic Circle

Colin receiving his A.I.M.C. from the president of The Magic Circle, Jack Delvin.

Top Ten Benefits Magic Lessons


Every time a child performs a trick they will feel their confidence grow.


Learning a magic trick involves focus in tiny details and the big picture.

Screen Free Hobby

Your child can have a hobby that is portable and doesn’t rely on a screen, batteries or an expensive outlay.

Acting Skills

A magician is an actor playing the part of a magician (If I could do real magic I would be in the Bahamas!)


To perform a trick well you have to practice, practice and then practice some more and when you think you have it perfect the practice it again. Through practice your child will begin to learn that with patience and work, tasks that were impossible can be achieved!


By repetition of moves and the performing of scripted magic your child’s memory will improve and they will be learning how to learn, this is a very important skill in todays exam filled education system.


Magic is one of the few performing art that relies on you thinking about what audience feels.


In learning Magic your child will become ever more dexterous and ambidextrous!

Communication Skills

In order to perform a baffling trick you have to have clear communication, this is not just words but body language and clarity of information.


As a performing art, poise and posture are very important. Good posture shows confidence.

What You Get With Each Workshop

The workshops are a fun filled session designed to teach a few impressive but simple to perform tricks. it is much better to come away from a workshop with two great tricks that kids can perform for their friends, than six tricks that they haven’t quite learned. Just because a trick is simple to perform doesn’t mean it’s not a great trick!

With every workshop each child will receive all the props used to perform the tricks taught on the day, these will be theirs to keep.

During the workshop the children will work in pairs or groups to practise the tricks learned and to encourage each other. Children learn best when they are having fun with a group of supportive friends.

Workshops are a great way of sparking interest in a new hobby.

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Magic School

Magic School is a six week program that will teach your child the fundamental rules and skills required to become a magician. Magic lessons are generally 90 minutes long and will include two tricks that the children can take home to practice. As their confidence grows and their dexterity improves, the tricks will become a little more challenging thus making their achievements even greater.

Each week their will be a section on “The Magician as an Actor”

By the end of the six week magic school they will have learnt at least one trick using the following magic principals.

  • Dissappearance

    How to make an object vanish!

  • Appearance

    The appearance of an object

  • Penetration

    Moving one solid object through another!

  • Transformation

    Changing one thing into another!

  • Mentalism

    Reading peoples minds!

  • Prediction

    Being able to predict what a spectator might do.

Magic School available in your school.

Colin has a limited availability to take his Magic School to your school. Magic School is run during term time as an after school activity.

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Magic School

One To One Teaching

One to one teaching and magic consulting is available for children or adults. Colin has helped many professional magicians improve their magic performances. He is also available to help people prepare for Magic Circle exams.

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