Comedy Characters for walkabout or educational magic

Wizard Trelawney

Ideal for a Halloween party? Wizard Trelawney is 365 years old!  In his time has travelled to many far off lands and has collected many stories. He has also found some very magical creatures.

He has been seen at many Harry Potter events and Halloween Parties.

Wizard Trelawney, Comedy Character for wizard parties

Comedy Character for Science magic show

Herr Professor Siegfried Von Schnitzelkopf

Watch in awe as he tries, and fails with various mad experiments including, trying to breath life into some random bits of cloth he finds in his lab. Suitable for walkabout or for shows.

Safari Sid

Safari Sid is an old school explorer. He has lots of animal friends that he has met along the way including a six foot Ostrich named Henry.

Great fun for walkabout or he can put on a show telling the children all about the animals he has seen, this can have a specific ecological message if required.

Safari Sid comedy charcater for ecological magic shows